An example disc model

This page offers full insight into one typical T Tauri ProDiMo model.
The parameters of this model are chosen to roughly match the continuum and line fluxes of real class II T Tauri stars.

You can download here

  • html-presentation: This page gets you started, gives an overview of the model setup, the underlying ideas, and the capabilities of ProDiMo to predict continuum and line observations
  • TypicalModel.pdf: download the html-presentation as pdf document
  • full graphical output (153 pages): most (but not all) of the output data visualized
  • numerical output files: download this zip-file to study the full information: densities, temperatures, chemical composition, internal radiation field, individual heating/cooling rates, calculated SED, line fluxes, line profiles, line maps, etc.

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An example TTauri ProDiMo model

The following ProDiMo model of a “typical TTauri star” is designed to predict continuum and line fluxes that roughly resemble the observations of real class II TTauri stars. The effective stellar temperature is chosen as Teff = 4000 K, and the stellar luminosity L = 1 L; these values correspond to spectral type K7, a stellar mass of M = 0.7 M and an age of about 1.6 Myrs.

See all chapters:
1. Spectral Energy Distribution
2. Disc Shape and Dust Settling
3. Gas and Dust Temperatures
4. Chemical Structure
5. Predicted Continuum Observations
6. Predicted Line Observations