Data collection

The DIANA Object Database (DIOD)

We have designed the DIANA Object Database (DIOD) to provide an one-stop-shop toolbox allowing for the comparison between observations and models. The multi-wavelength datasets available through the DIANA Object Database repository are processed end-products, as opposed to raw data, and can be directly compared to models.

The database provides all available data and modelling results to the end user. The database toolbox provides additional functionality that allows to easily access and evaluate the datasets and models. For the collected data, quality flags, comments, and references that allow backtracking of the data into their original sources are readily available to the end user of the database and are also included in the downloadable datasets. The plotting functionality allows direct graphical inspection of the data but also direct comparisons of between datasets, or datasets and models.

The database has been developed and is hosted and maintained at the University of Vienna. It can be accessed using the following URL: