Fitted models

Based on our data collection we have performed 24 continuum-fitting disc models, and 11 detailed gas and dust DIANA-standard models to fit all available observational data, line and continuum. Some example results are shown in Figure 1.

All modelling results have been uploaded to our electronic database DIOD, which provides:

  • complete physical disc parameters in generic format
  • full insight into the 2D internal physico-chemical structures of the discs (densities, chemical concentrations, temperatures, opacities, relaxation time-scales, etc.), both the 2D numerical data and graphical figures
  • computed observables and derived quantities, such as the SED, near-IR excess, mean dust temperature across the disc, mm-slope, etc
  • graphical analysis of SED and line emission regions
  • complete continuum and line observational datasets in model-friendly formats
  • full set of input data-files to recompute the models with all three main modelling software tools, to be able to reproduce all computations if required, for example as soon as new observations become available
  • large suite of continuum and line predictions

→  DIANA Object Database (DIOD)