Lecture notes

The lecture notes have been published through the EPJ Web of Conferences:

EPJ Web of Conferences
Vol. 102  (2015)

Summer School “Protoplanetary Disks: Theory and Modelling Meet Observations”

Ameland, The Netherlands, June 16-20, 2014
I. Kamp, P. Woitke and J.D. Ilee (Eds.)

Carsten Dominik:  Disk formation and structure
Rens Waters:  Dust in protoplanetary disks: observations
Carsten Dominik:  Disk evolution: dust and gas
Michiel Min:  Dust Opacities
Christophe Pinte:  Continuum radiative transfer
Peter Woitke:  Modelling and interpretation of SEDs
Odysseas Dionatos:  Gas line observations of disks
John Ilee, Jane Greaves:  Interferometry and the study of protoplanetary disks
Inga Kamp:  Line radiative transfer and statistical equilibrium
Peter Woitke:  Heating and cooling processes in disks
Wing-Fai Thi:  Disk Chemistry
Inga Kamp:  Modeling and interpretation of line observations
Wing-Fai Thi:  Chemical networks
Manuel Güdel:  Ionization and heating by X-rays and cosmic rays
Michiel Min:  Modeling and interpretation of images